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Learning The “Secrets” of Classes

A Guide to Teaching Yoga in a Corporation and What You Will Gain From it

Yoga has evolved over the last five thousand years and is now a hyped activity because of its benefits. It relaxes and energizes the human body, thus improving health and reducing stress. Today, you will find studios dedicated for yoga in many fitness centres and companies have followed suit. Companies have adopted yoga in a bid to enhance performance in the workplace and also increase their staff’s overall wellness.

This move by corporations has created jobs for a good number of individuals and opened up opportunities for employees to learn yoga for free. Teaching yoga is interesting and difficult sometimes, but a fulfilling experience overall. This article will give you highlights of how to do well on the job and the merits of teaching yoga at a corporation.

Best Practices
One thing you can expect is to receive many employees who will be interested. They will attend the sessions with different hopes and will look up to you for stimulation. It is critical that you prepare well to accommodate their different objectives and perspectives. Some of your students will be green and to help them grow you will be expected to show an extended degree of tolerance with them as they learn.

To stand out at the profession, it is ideal to practice the yoga poses as you watch yourself before training others. This way, you will analyze the poses to know what to correct and emphasize on as you teach. ‘Show and tell’ is the best technique to use for your training sessions. It involves physical illustrations of yoga poses with verbal instructions to the students.

Always pay close attention to your students as they work out yoga poses. It is the only way you will manage to train them to flawlessness. Be gentle with your students at all times as you instruct them. Care enough not to use the words ‘no’ or ‘don’t’ as they can come across as harsh. As an alternative, praise the correct things your students do as this will increase their confidence and esteem.

When teaching yoga at a corporation, there is no need to advertise the classes you will conduct. The students are the company employees and your responsibility is to keep them motivated to maintain the job.

Companies compensate well and this is a means to a comfortable life. This is an opportunity to maintain a good lifestyle and extra cash by coaching students privately or when you are free. When you teach extra classes, you are able to achieve more goals with the extra cash.

Companies make their payments regularly and predictably. This is great, it helps you plan things before time and you do not need to worry because the company never fails.

When employed by a company to teach yoga, there is a flat rate of your remuneration. They do not lay emphasis on the number of staff who attend your sessions. The rate remains constant, unlike when you manage your own class and prices fluctuate with the changing number of students who show up.
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